The little flying hazards that strike fear

Having a house near a gold course can be quite an exciting prospect. To begin with, it’s a sport that is rather popular and tends to attract quite a lot of attention. Secondly, you have the great views to indulge in and enjoy. However, amidst all that is a plausible hazard that most of us tend to overlook. Occasionally, someone will end up swinging the ball in the wrong direction and it might head straight towards your house and that is a horrifying prospect; unless you have the residential golf nets installed at your house already.

Before jumping to a conclusion that you can perhaps do this on your own, be advised that this is quite a detailed job. It is one that requires accurate measurements and all the elements, including distance, angle, possible trajectories, need to be calculated to the dot in order to maximize protection. Best to be left with the professionals.

Fortunately, there are companies out there who will do that technical job for you, without you ever having to worry about any of it. One such company is called the Colonial Flag which is famed for its residential golf nets solution that it offers to the local citizens.

With such a protection, poles are erected and giant nets are placed to serve as a canopy and a shelter from such harmful golf balls flying your way. No longer will you have to worry about any golf balls striking you or ruining your family moment at the deck. You can now continue to enjoy and reclaim the fun and refreshing yard and everything to do with it. With the residential golf nets, you can create a safe and kids-friendly environment and savor the moments the way they should be in the first place.