Learn to start windows 10 safe mode from the sign-in screen

Among users of Windows 10 has appeared a bit of intrigue about the radical change of the new system compared to the previous ones. This is due to the same system requirements since the old methods did not work properly with this version.  Consequently, many people wonder how to boot windows 10 in safe mode easily and quickly.

One of the diverse modalities, it’s quite simple and it is applied to make use of the sign-in screen options. The only thing the user does is to go to the windows menu on the left side of the screen and select the option to restart the computer.

When the computer starts the interface again it will present the “choose an option” link. There you must select Troubleshoot option, click on advanced options and from there you will select the startup setting and finally restart.

This will provide you, the user, with a large interface where you can select the safe mode. The only thing remaining is to opt for the safe mode of preference according to the needs of the machine. For the simple safe mode without internet, it is necessary to use the 4 or f4 key and 5 or f5 key for internet safe mode. Click This If you Want to Know how to boot windows 10 in safe mode

In some cases, the interface does not reach the home screen but remains on a black and white screen. If the safe mode is not indicated on the screen to be selected, then previous commands may be necessary to start the screen. Start by testing the Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B combination.