The PH level is the scale that ranges and lets you know how alkaline or acidic your soil is. The scale is ranged from zero to fourteen, zero indicates the most acidic nature of soil whereas fourteen indicates the most alkaline, and seven is considered as the most neutral.

For example, if you have alkaline soil and you want to grow tomatoes, this will make them taste terrible or even worse to grow them as tomatoes love the soil which more on the acidic side.

Now that you are aware of the PH scale, the next important step is to find out the PH level of your soil. Ph soil tester review is a tool to read the scale for you, there is a variety of Ph soil testers available in your local market. Usually, the higher the cost, the more detail you will receive about your soil.

Once you got the tester and followed all the instructions to obtain the reading of soil PH level, you can now choose to grow the vegetables and fruits that you want to grow accordingly. You can adjust the PH level of your soil in the range of 6.0 to 7.5 as most of the vegetables and fruits do really good at this range.

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