Brazilian human hair is one of the most popular products being used nowadays. These extensions are shiny, soft, and thick in terms of quality.

The hair extension will make you feel luxury, with no bad odor or shedding of hairs and tangling. In case you face tangles, they can be removed gently by fingers.

A few below-mentioned tips will help you in taking care of 100 human hair weave

Take care while you are shampooing your Brazilian weave that it doesn’t get piled or bunched up on the top of your head. Gently wash the hair in vertically one direction only.

Let the human weave hair dry naturally, do not blow dryers as it may cause dryness and frizz. Always, use good quality curling rods and straightening irons to prevent damage.

After swimming, wash your human extension immediately; also use a swim cap which is made of latex. This will help in managing to tangle, and sweat accumulation.

Do not ever go to sleep with wet hair; always make sure that your hair is completely dry before going to bed. You can even wrap your hair together in order to prevent tangling.

These are a few helpful steps which are recommended if you are using Brazilian human hair weave.